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Weekend Photos - Noonday Collection and Concerts

08 October 2013

Hello, people!

I had such a glorious weekend, I had to share some photos. Saturday I enjoyed two of my favorite things: having people to our house and a concert!

A while ago I decided I wanted to have some close friends over before the holidays to get together and show the new Noonday Collection line in person. I usually set up my traveling show at other people's homes and always have a blast, so it was really fun to be able to host the party at my own house! I love having people over because it forces me to actually clean, which we get to enjoy long after the party, and I get to have fresh flowers in my house for the whole week after the get together.

I dressed up my chalkboard refrigerator for the occasion. This is the scripture verse that Noonday was  named after:

noonday collection dallas
I think my bar cart needs some work (usually it is holding some frames and dog treats). Since there are so many cute pom embellishments on the fall Noonday line, I did a "Poms and Pimm's Cups" theme and had a make your own Pimm's lemonade station.

pimm's cup lemonade

The glasses were nearby on my vintage china hutch/secretary.

Usually I am in a big suburban home doing a Noonday show, so we set up on the dining table and put the food on the kitchen table or expansive buffet. My little casa is a one table house so I had the food on the kitchen counter. I love having a small group over where I get to use my wedding settings! This picture was taken before my mom bailed me out by bringing crackers for the cheese. We just got a Trader Joe's nearby and it is a godsend when it comes to inexpensive entertaining food. All of those cookies were less than $3.49 a box and they are all gluten-free!

I usually put any Noonday earnings in a saving's account for future baby things, but this time I got an email right before for a coat drive to send children's coats over to Iraq where the Syrian refugees are in camps. It is going to be a cold winter there and I was really happy that I had this show on the books so I could use my commission to buy some coats to contribute!

noonday collection trunk show
After the show I enjoyed a big cup of coffee in my clean house and Markus and I went to the Lake Highland Oktoberfest where my favorite band, The Old 97's, were going to play. It was the first day of coat weather in Dallas! 

I have (sadly? awkwardly? awesomely?) been to more then thirty of their shows and there is a little rock family that is in the front of the pack. I loved catching up with my fellow band aids, and of course enjoyed the unobstructed view once the guys got started. 

About three songs in, we had to stop the show due to rain so we moved inside the tent the band had been performing under to take cover. Then a little sing-a-long got started with the fellas and some acoustic guitars! Not what we had expected but totally fun.

Is this the face of a dedicated rock and roller or what? Dedicated as in will stay out in the rain, but not so rock and roll to have much interest in staying out past nine.


  1. Great photos, Lilly! Can't wait to see you next week!

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