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Salata is now Gluten Free! $15 Giftcard Giveaway

05 November 2013

The early 90's and Seinfeld era taught us that there is no better meal than the big salad. I've blogged here about what I love about the Salata - the big metal bowls, the wide array of options (more than 50 ingredients that you can use to build an awesome salad!). Now I can build a big bowl of greens, veggies and proteins knowing that absolutely everything I personally choose is 100% safe for my gluten-free diet.
I was really excited when Salata emailed me the news and was happy to share their new certification as a gluten-free friendly restaurant. The new gluten-free items and helpful labeling will make it easier for me to enjoy meals there and will have me picking Salata as my go-to lunch spot more than ever!
I got to ask Salata some questions about the process of becoming gluten-free certified and what that means for guests, and am passing them on straight to you:
What are the biggest changes guests will see at Salata to know it is now gluten free certified? 
First off, this is an announcement we're so pleased to make -- the health of our customers has always been top of mind and we feel so good about providing more options and greater peace of mind to our gluten free guests and the growing number of diners that choose or need to eat gluten-free. 
We’ve always had a wide variety of options, but we’ve taken it a step further to bring our guests added reassurance. Our loyal guests will see a number of changes to our salad bar, which has been redesigned to avoid cross-contamination. As an example, the few menu items that do contain gluten were moved those to the end of the bar to eliminate opportunities for cross-contamination (this includes wraps, croutons, pasta, sesame sticks, krabmeat and seafood mix).
Also, we've developed a special symbol to indicate gluten-free items, making ordering easier and indicating to our new gluten free guests what is absolutely safe to eat. All of our staff members have been trained in gluten-free procedures by an outside agency, called MenuTrinfo, which took us through the certification process. 

Easily know what your options are with the new gluten-free symbol at Salata!

Are there any recipes that were adapted to make them gluten free?
We make our dressings in-house and they have always been gluten free. We did modify recipes for our soups and marinades, slightly, to make them enjoyable for a wider range of customers.
Will you be stocking gluten free tortillas for your wraps, breads for your soups or any other specialty products? 
We have been looking at these types of products for potential use in the future. But customers looking to enjoy gluten-free options have so much to choose from at Salata. We offer more than 50 fresh ingredients to create a healthy, tossed-to-order salad; house-made dressings and marinades; Tortilla, Broccoli and Tomato Basil soup; and proteins including chicken, shrimp and salmon. We’re also beginning to introduce Greek yogurt bars at select restaurants – another great choice for those following a gluten-free diet.
Are there any new items on the gluten free menu that you are most excited about? 
I’m most excited that our certification brings more convenience to our customers who practice a gluten-free lifestyle. Our new menu labels, in particular, help customers quickly identify which items our gluten-free, making ordering quick, simple and worry-free.
Well, that's all I needed to know to get really excited about enjoying more salads, soups and dressings than ever at Salata! If you need a little more push, Salata is sweetening the deal with a $15 gift card to one lucky Pancakes and Beet Juice reader!


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  2. Well, that's all I needed to know to get really excited about enjoying more salads, soups and dressings than ever at Salata!

  3. I used to go there, so nice see next time, gluten free foods!

  4. Easily know what your options are with the new gluten-free symbol at Salata!

  5. i just love gluten free foods!

  6. Nice place and awesome I'm a big fan of it !!!!!


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