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Skin Secrets for Happy Selfies: IPL Photo Rejuvenation at M.Pulse Modern Skincare

03 December 2013

My blog is pretty much an open book on how I tackle life, from food and entertainment to favorite workouts. The popular topic of skincare was always something I tended to shy away from because, to be honest, I didn't think I had really successfully tackled it myself!

If you asked me a few months ago to describe my skin, I would have used words like tired or ruddy. I have never been a big makeup person but I felt pretty defenseless without at least some concealer and tinted moisturizer on. When M.Pulse Modern Skincare center contacted me about trying a series of Photo Rejuvenation treatments, I was totally interested since the benefits of photo rejuvenation include evening skin tone and making skin look tighter and glowy, things I tend to battle as the fair skinned, Type A running around like crazy gal that I am.

When I had my first appointment in September, I first loved how personable and spotless the locations are. They have way more personality than a typical med spa and are always spick and span. I tend to go to the Lovers Lane location the most to see the fabulous Kassi, but I've been to Snider Plaza and the Willow Bend locations as well and can attest that all five DFW locations are a great experience and managed well.

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I was a little intimidated by my first IPL appointment since I had no idea what to expect, but the level of service and personalization that M.pulse offers with their treatments lets you know they're not just running people through. First I completed a questionnaire about how my skin responds to sun light to make sure every part of the treatments is just right for my skin. Then Kassi does a patch test with the pulse on my jawline each time we start to make totally sure that I won't have any reactions from the treatments.
The photo rejuvenation uses a tiny hand held machine that just flashes a bright light and feels just like a tiny rubber band snap. I have felt very little discomfort from my treatments, less than waxing, but understand that the pain variance can change for each person and the specific treatment. It does, however, definitely make you feel like a million bucks and immediately gets your skin producing collagen with little to no recovery time.

I am about halfway through the series of six treatments, and cannot get over what a huge difference this has made in my skin. My pores are significantly smaller, my skintone is more even and I have much fewer breakouts. Working in a fitness environment means lots of meetings and conversations with people when you're wearing no makeup since often the best meetings happen right after a Flywheel class! I am much more confident in my role and running around town makeup free now that my skin is a better version of natural.
To see the progress, I have a few pictures from when I started to now. Markus and I worked an event together and I love this photo, even though comparing it to my skin now I can see lots of sun spots and where it is a little more uneven in texture as well.

I took this picture below after two rounds at M.pulse when I was caught in the rain at a rock concert. I had to get the soaked hair but thought I would be looking pretty worn down after a hectic weekend and was impressed with my skin looking pretty glowy despite rained off makeup and a long day! 

Three treatments in, I took a no make-up selfie to show my sister my new Noonday Collection renegade necklace and noticed another big jump in the difference of my skin, especially the pore size. The evolution of HD cameras has not always been my friend with my big pores, but a little M.pulse did the truck and I am a happy selfie taker now alongside the rest of my generation! I continue to be impressed with how the treatments seem to exponentially improve my skin with each round. 

With so much that makes up a person, your appearance and skin don't need to define you, but I have to give huge props to M.pulse for making it easier than ever to be my busy, confident self. The women that work in the DFW locations are empowering and lovely people!
I am excited to keep sharing how these treatments change my skin, but had to get the word out since the changes are so immediate that now is a great time to get a treatment in before a Holiday party or family photo session! Make sure to take advantage of the special $59 rate for your first session. If you are looking for some other additions to your skincare but not sure if photo rejuvenation is for you, I also think their chemical peels are the most effective with the shortest recovery thanks to their follow-up cooling mask.

So there is my dirty flirty little skin secret and how I went from avoiding the camera to a selfie machine! Do you have any skin secrets for getting your glow on, especially during the cold months of the year?

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