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A Food Marraige of Carbtastic Proportions: Unrefined Bakery and Corner Market

20 February 2014

These days every one seems to be working together. Sometimes it's working and sometimes it's not, but there is a new marriage of food in Dallas that is what Humphrey Bogart dreamed of for the Larrabee corporate empire in Sabrina. Unrefined Bakery has taken over Society's empty nest and like a good neighbor, they're hooking up with the best sandwiches in town at Corner Market.

The impeccable cuts of Boar's Head deli meats and other quality ingredients make Corner Market sandwiches the best in town. The idea that I could enjoy one with my friends and that the gluten-free bread wasn't some sad compensation but fresh baked from next door sent me into a tailspin of appetite and emotion. I had finished the race, I had fought the good fight and my reward of a decent sandwich for my sensitive stomach in Dallas had been handmade just for me.

Unlike other burger shops and delis that keep a bag of the "weirdo bread" in the back for gluten-free diners and give it a quick thaw before handing it over at a premium price, Corner Market follows instructions from Unrefined exactly, warming the bread first and then lightly toasting.

Having Unrefined next door definitely contributes to freshness and quality control. In fact, since Unrefined staff knows I love ordering the gluten free sandwiches and then coming over for a Loaded Monkey cupcake, they ask me almost every time if the bread was to my liking and prepped properly for the sandwich. It is seriously amazing! And so are the cupcakes, highly recommend building a dessert stop in Unrefined into the plan of events. They are open most nights until 6:00 p.m.

LOOK AT THIS SANDWICH. I should make it my phone background. I love it so much. This is the California Club with turkey, swiss, avocado, sprouts, red onion, tomato and dill sauce. When Heidi was first born and I couldn't take her anywhere my mom would ask if I wanted her to babysit so I leave the house and then I would race across town to get this sandwich. It got me through the new infant dark times.

The best way to accessorize your sandwich is with Corner Market's endless cold salad options and bottled drinks. I personally prefer the Texas Waldorf and a Mexican Coke. The sides of Led Zepplin andFleetwood Mac on the radio and unshaven guys in glasses working behind the counter come free. 

I am hoping this new partnership in meat and carbs is no Captain and Tenille, and my love can really keep them together. Go check them out next time you are on Greenville! 


  1. Lilly... you are tooo cute. love the ending with the Captain and Tenille remark. Actually had a delicious gluten free sandwich at Whole Foods. Not cause I have to eat gluten free - just cause it looked good and it was. Keep posting pics of Heidi!!! Love your pics with you and Markus. I can see the love in your eyes in the photos. Wish I was still in Dallas. You guys have to come to visit in Mass!!

  2. After living in Dallas for about 6 1/2 years, my husband and I finally made our way over to Corner Market this past Friday (a beautiful day for al fresco dining!) Boy, was I glad we made the trip. I'm still dreaming about my sandwich (also a Cali club). And while we were enjoying our sandwiches, a sweet surprise was bestowed upon us from the nice lady at Unrefined Bakery with samples of their cc cookies! We'll be back for sure.


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