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Full of Gratitude: Thoughts on my First Mother's Day

01 May 2014

Mother's Day is timed about perfectly this year. We are out of the newborn woods and into a great routine (for now), though still close enough to said woods to remember those who worked tirelessly to support our way out of them.

It has taken the ever mentioned village to get us home and adjusted from our new baby whirlwind, and by no surprise many of my most trusted Team Heidi players are women I've celebrated Mother's Day with from my very beginnings. To say our relationships have grown in the past five months would be my greatest understatement. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my female family members, realizing the work they have put in to getting us settled in and seeing now how much work it took to raise me in a way I couldn't know before I had a little one of my own.

Treat (now Shutterfly), a new custom card creation and delivery site from Shutterfly, shared their new Mother's Day designs and encouraged me to share how I am feeling this Mother's Day. There is no stronger word to summarize my feelings than thankful. I had so much fun looking around their site and found their customized cards to be the perfect way to show my appreciation for some special women this Mother's Day. I loved the app and that as a working mom I could easily work in a moment to do something special for these amazing women into my day. Delivery to the recipient and postage are included with every order, and their prices are lower than most card stores. And of course there are custom digital greeting cards for the times we're running on real Mom time.

To My Grandmother (Nannie!)

You moved a young family to Texas and manned the homefront with three small children without Internet and iPhones, a feat which inspires me every day as a wife and mother. The needs of others are always on your mind and I've never seen that more true than with Heidi, whether it is new socks or an encouraging phone call. This card is pink and full of personality - two things that remind me of you!

To my Mom (Kiki!)

You have always been the one to help me find a solution and to find whimsy in the everyday. You come over ready to pitch in however you are needed, and I know the twinkle in Heidi's eyes are there because of your long funny talks and animated reading at story time. This smile is the face of a little girl who feels tremendously loved, and you are a big reason why!

To Aunt Tessie (Sistah to me!)

We have grown up laughing about everything together, and I love laughing about all of Heidi's funny moments and milestones with you! It was a beyond cosmic plan for you to be standing next to me when I heard I was a Mom. I am so glad Heidi will have you by her side for life's moments too with you as her special Godmother.This picture will always be so special to me - your first of many private chats!

To Our Wonderful Birth Mom 

How can one decision change so many lives forever? You are a true friend and inspiration to our family.I'm so glad you have joy in your life and we are able to find ways to show you how joyful we are with our little girl. Your dream for this little girl was a home that kept things real and full of love, and I am so happy I have a card that fully represents how true that is for our lives. Through the ups and downs of adoption, we are here for you as a part of our family and know Heidi will have a life full of love with you as a part of it.

Our fun young family is something a little different than what you might find in an average card store, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm really glad that we were able to find something unique and memorable to commemorate the first Mother's Day with all of the amazing women that make up Team Heidi. With these women serving as my inspiration, I feel closer to someone Heidi might one day aspire to be.


  1. Obviously this is a beautiful post blah blah blah but I had to read "as a wife and mother" like 14 times because it's so weird to me. haha. you aren't old enough to be a wife and mother, you're a sophomore in high school. duh.

  2. These are beautiful and so sweet! I love how each one has a special photo to go along with the personal message. Happy tears!

  3. I'm crying... these are so sweet, Lilly. Love following your beautiful little family on fb. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


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