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Costco Roundup: New Healthy and Gluten Free Faves

28 May 2014

So this is not my first time at the dance, sitting here kicking my legs off the bleachers wishing I was at my favorite fantasy place, Costco. I've listed off some of my favorites before here and here, and when I was beginning the Arbonne 28 Day Detox Boot Camp, I had a feeling my favorite warehouse was going to deliver on the bulk of my shopping list. Of course, their magical aisles of industrial shelving did not disappoint me. 

The following are just a few of the latest additions in my never ending sonnet of why I love Costco. 

One of the foods on the avoid list is corn, which was very worrysome to me as...well, I freaking love corn. I love snacking on corn chips with salsa and dips as I'm prepping dinner or, let's face it, sometimes just for dinner. The Beanitos are just like a corn chip with just a little bit of a softer crunch and a great replacement. I love that they are also organic and non-GMO. 

The Arbonne Detox gave me a one way ticket to smoothie town, so I was so excited to see these new insulated tumblers at Costco! They have nice, fat straws that are perfect for smoothie sippin' and I love that they have extra straws in there so it's not all a wash when one gets lost. For my first birthday as his main squeeze, Markus tracked me down a set of Mason jar mugs from a restaurant supply company, waaay before Pinterest. These are such a fun throwback and make smoothie time the best time!

I thought for a long time that I was ahead of the pack health wise when it came to my bread habits since I was choosing gluten free. The Arbonne detox avoid list and this article from The Food Babe both taught me a lot about buying bread. This bread meets all of the detox ingredient requirements and has whole grains and seeds. I love it for breakfast toast, with peanut butter and with avocado chicken salad (shredded chicken, avocado, lime juice and onion) on top. This bread is SO good toasted. Please always do that. 

While we've been eating less of a lot of stuff, we have been eating more meat. I didn't eat any of the stuff for five years after reading about meat practices and additions. This is one of the only places I will buy meat, and I am so glad I can trust it and also get a good price for the quality!

The Arbonne detox suggests berries as the smoothie fruit since it has lots of antioxidants and one of the lowest glycemic indexes for fruit, so it won't spike your blood sugar or leave you craving sweets. These are really flavorful and the pre-frozen helps thicken the smoothies without needing to add ice.

Sometimes, though, you do need mango. So they also have that.

I am all aboard the coconut oil train when it comes to cooking. A small spoon of this is also great in smoothies to add some healthy oils. Also, if you are on the oil pulling train, you have enough here to swish for a reallly long time. 

This stuff is really good for splashing in water or using to marinade chicken. Yes, so good.

And the final of the bunch is another wonderous smoothie ingredient - the fine Chia Seed. I love these in my smoothies for extra fiber and protein, and I just read that they are a top food for skin health as well! They're also great sprinkled on oatmeal. Unlock the secrets of the Aztecs while you eat! And maybe while you're wearing my favorite Aztec Secrets face mask


  1. I miss Costco... if they have one here it's far away. Love to Heidi. LOVE your last family photo on FB!

  2. This is so helpful, Lilly! Thanks for the great ideas! I will be sharing this with all my Arbonne Detoxers!

  3. Love this post! I'm about to start the Arbonne 7 Day Body Cleanse. Not as intense as the detox, but I'm looking forward to the results!


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