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Frivolous Favorites: Things I've Loved (for me) As a Mom

07 May 2014

So the "must have baby items"'s a conversation that I feel I have very little to contribute to. Besides our sent from Heaven Baby Brezza Formula Pro, I haven't brought home anything that hasn't made its way through my feed more than once. In fact, I think I've opted out of most baby gear until a moment of complete necessity. 

I have however, collected a few new things for moi that I honestly can't imagine fumbling through new mommyhood without. With Mother's Day coming up, I thought I would share a few things that I tried to talk myself out of at the time since it was a more luxury purchase for me in a time of deep baby focus, but each time I reach for these new staples I pat myself on the back for being able to rationalize just about anything, including a few indulgences when we were up to our elbow in emergency baby spending. Editor's note: none of the links here are affiliates because if I'm going to properly promote some personal spending during the new baby days I don't need to be potentially profiting from it myself.

New Mom Favorites

Clockwise from top left:

Vitamix Blender: I mentioned in our Most Incredible Journey to Heidi post that my parents were nice enough to come over and attempt to organize our house mid-Holidays and post being entirely repainted to a state of semi-order fit for a new baby. About a month after this wonderful gesture I found the juicer, practically a member of our family before, in the backyard and realized I hadn't been looking for it because who has the time for a juicer with a new baby? We went for the Vitamix a week later and never looked back. If not for this blending wonder there's a good chance nothing from a plant would have made it into my bloodstream weeks two - 12. I'm looking forward to using it for baby food making soon as well - we're getting so close!

The 3 Day Bender Curling Iron by DryBar: I had been eyeing this as my Christmas money purchase before Heidi's arrival, and it was a lot to talk myself into purchasing a somewhat pricey hair contraption with everything going on. My hair has a natural slight wave to it  - not enough to look cool and enough where my hair never looks right air dried. This iron shines and smooths and curls to an awesome polished or beachy wave depending on the technique. It heats up really fast and takes me from spit up mom to dinner date in less than seven minutes. I can't imagine trying to get ready and out the door for anything with the non-child raising population without it. Such a great quality product that I think I will definitely have to go for the Buttercup blow dryer one day.

Renee Rouleau Skincare Products: For all of my life, sleep has been the secret to a very happy and healthy Lilly. For this reason alone, the first six sleepless weeks of baby time were pretty much as awful as I expected them to be (albeit with a big side of 100% more awesome than I expected). The lack of sleep was affecting everything - especially my skin. One day I just could not deal with feeling and looking like a zombie at the same time and stopped by the Renee Rouleau spa in Plano not far from our Flywheel and FlyBarre studio. This cleanser had me back in shape in just a few short days. I call it the Pac Man face wash because it feels like it's just eating all the bad stuff off the top of your skin and letting the good come through. I love that it's gluten and sulfate free and smells like grapefruit because it is really in there! I massage some on in the shower and leave it on for a few minutes to let it really work. We are never ever breaking up. I've also picked up moisturizers and masks from the spa and love them as well.

Dylan's Candy Bar Robe: Dylan's is one of my must stops when in New York, and I purchased this robe when I was there for Markus' first New York weekend last August. It seemed a little silly and cumbersome of a thing to purchase for a weekend getaway, but I just loved it. Markus told me I might not be able to carry it on with my small suitcase and the fact that I had also purchased a skateboard deck on the trip - I really find the best souvenirs ever - but I just knew every time I wanted something soft and quirky in the morning I would feel sad about not having this robe. And isn't missing New York hard enough on its own without including buyer's remorse? Had I known how much I would grow to love this robe as a new mom, I might have bought seven. It is so soft, so cute and takes stains and repeat washings like a champ. The bright colors and whimsy make early mornings like a little party. I gifted my friend one as a fun gag gift at her lingerie shower and she has already declared it as her favorite gift from the weekend.

So basically, boppy pillows, breast pumps or swaddle blankets may be temporary, but a great robe and Vitamix are forever.

Was there anything you treated yourself to in the first months of mommy life that helped you feel like a real human being amid the chaos?

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  1. Great post Miss Lilly! These are great ideas. Happy 1st Mothers Day!!!


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