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Taking Care of Little Child the Puppy Dog...and Big Sister, Chicken Keeper and Mom Snuggler with #HEBBeyond

31 July 2014

As is natural when family changes, the content of a family blog can take on a new form as well. While I try not to make it all Heidi-central here, there is a key player in the family that has been missing the past few posts, our lovable Little Child aka LC!

Little Child was my birthday gift from Markus my first summer in Dallas, and she's been my city sidekick ever since. While this year has been a huge change for Markus and I, I sometimes think no one has had to endure more surprises and additions to the family than our fur child. Before Heidi came, I read quite a bit about ways to calmly introduce the coming baby to your pup. Turns out, our whirlwind adoption didn't allow for much prep time for any of us, but we've done some things for Little Child along the way to try to make her continue to feel like a special part of the family. One of that is keeping up with the quality of dog food that she has known since being our pet.

purina beyond dog food review

Thankfully, as we have taken on more baby expenses, we've been able to find the same quality of pet food for a new, great price with Purina Beyond food. Like the higher priced brands we used before, this food starts with natural ingredients, with real meat, fish or poultry as the first ingredient, not a filler. There's no poultry or by-product meal and no corn, wheat or soy ingredients. Even better, Purina Beyond is available at the HEB stores in our area so I can scratch special trips to the pet store for food off of my list.

Little Child has continued to be a wonderful companion to me through welcoming Heidi - and our three new chickens! - sleeping snuggly next to me each night and enjoying some nap time with Markus too. As we take on more in life and grow as a family, I never want to slack on the care for her that I originally set out to provide. Life just wouldn't be as cuddly or loving without a happy Little Child in the picture. :o)

Markus, Heidi and LC snoozing into day three as a new family.

Personal fitness coach to chickens Layla, Stella and Cecilia

Dinner time!

It seems like as life gets more challenging, it also gets easier. Things feel more natural than ever and I am so fortunate to find a company like Purina Beyond that cares so much about pets while wanting to provide a product that fits pet owner's needs as well. Nothing makes me happier after a long day to see LC in her element, enjoying a long walk, making sure the chickens are properly "exercised," and then heading back to her bowl with a lip-licking snack of pet food that keeps her happy and healthy! I hope we have many more wonderful years like this with her.

This post is sponsored by H-E-B stores and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the availability of Purina Beyond at H-E-B Stores, but Pancakes and Beet Juice only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. H-E-B is not responsible for the content of this article.


  1. Love the pic of your hubby, LC, and Heidi. Priceless.

  2. That family photo is too adorable! I'm glad you've been able to find a good quality less expensive pet food option! I too think it's important to feed our four legged family members high quality food as well!

  3. Cool getting affordability and quality

  4. Pet food quality goes past the fixings being right. Quality implies that the required fixings are perfect new, and unadulterated. These are the same concerns we should have with respect to the sustenances we bolster our pets. All the right fixings being incorporated into the required sums are useless if there is poisonous quality.

  5. We have two dogs. One of them will eat anything and everything, the other one is picky AND has food allergies. Between figuring out her allergies and food preferences, we were switching foods every three months. We tried every grain free food we could find in almost every combination (lamb, salmon, duck, chicken, etc.) About 6 months ago she stopped eating again, so I went to the pet store to shop around for a new food for her to try. and it worked!

  6. This is so adorable! You can be a mommy to two kids!

  7. Sweet family and too happiness I'm really appreciate that !

  8. Lovely photos and warmup family !

  9. I like the third photoes at most! The dog are so harmonious with baby.Keep on!


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