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Help pick my frames! New Warby Parker Showroom Hits Dallas

10 July 2014

You know those posts we all love from bloggers - What I'm Wanting Now, the Birthday or Christmas Want List? I think they're a great way to know what's popular amongst that blogger's demographic and a great way to get gift ideas for other people. I've never really been forthcoming with my list, because I tend to refocus along the way of everything I'm already grateful to have - a great family, cute house and a few luxury items thrown in for good measure. 

One thing that always sits high a top my birthday, etc list is a new pair of prescription sunglasses from Warby Parker. Designer sunglasses always make a great gift! These are extra helpful to me as I have to wear glasses to drive, but the lack of sun protection in my frames makes me squint deepening the little-ish and growing wrinkle in between my eyes that I may or may not perpetually be obsessing over these days. It also helps that I love their give back model, which provides vision care to someone in need with every purchase. 

The most difficult part of a Warby Parker purchase for me so far is my love for the tangible. I love the experience of going to the store, touching and trying on things and eventually having a bag to sit in the passenger's seat as I smile the whole way home. I was so excited when Warby Parker's new Dallas store opened just in time to make sure some new sunglasses were included in my birthday shopping! 

Warby Parker Dallas store

Adding to the birthday and general shopping fun, the store is perfectly designed in their signature hipster academia theme. It is by far the most laid back and fun glasses store I've ever been to! 

Warby Parker Dallas store

The signature look of Warby Parker tends to be their chunky, traditional plastic frames. I am also loving their new Karlie Kloss collection that is more modern, pictured below. Aviator junkies (a tribe I certainly belong to) can also check out their new designs with Into the Gloss

After you're done shopping, you order the glasses in store and provide your prescription if you are adding that just like you would at a traditional frames store. The completed frames can be delivered to you or, preferably, to the store where you can have them custom adjusted by Warby Parker's fit magicians. I also learned on my visit that if you ever need to take your Warby frames to another glasses store for an adjustment and you incur a fee, you can send it in for a full reimbursement on their website. 

After my mini tour, it was time to get down on trying on some specs. I found my niche with some Old Hollywood style tortoise shell, but it was so hard to settle on one style! Actually, I was hoping you could help me pick.

Below I'm wearing the Banks style in a limited sea smoke tortoise frame.

Then there is the Reilly in the traditional tortoise. This is where trying on in store was so helpful to me! While I loved the sea smoke, I really like how the traditional colors pop a little more and are just a little more Jackie O to me. 

So...what do you think? Reilly on the left or Banks on the right? 


  1. Miss Lilly... First of all I don't believe you have ONE wrinkle on your beautiful face! We love Warby Parker - very reasonable for frames. #2 has a pair and loves them. I like the one on the left but you can't go wrong with the one on the right, either. Have a great weekend.

  2. Left for me -- and I do mean me since that is how I based my decision. You, beautiful girl, would look fabulous in either! Xxoo

  3. Reily on the left! I love a good tortoise shell frame! BTW, I have also recently been obsessing over a new ahem, wrinkle I randomly noticed on my face!

  4. I'm loving the Riley. Big fan of tortoise shell!


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