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Guest Post on Dallas Mom's Blog Adoption Week!

20 November 2014

Hey there, shawtys!

I just want to say thank you for following along on Instagram and Facebook as I've been adjusting to my unexpected but amazing new job. I have a few things I am excited to share here soon now that I am getting more settled in. Ya know, post Black Friday madness.

In the meantime, I am very grateful to Dallas Mom's Blog for including me as a contributor to their Road to Adoption series this week. I purposefully did not write much on the post-placement process of adoption while we were in it or even near it. It is a very important and worthwhile process, and also can feel like a little much when put on the plate of a new parent. At the end of the day, it just is what it is and approaching it positively was good for our family. I hope I did a good job of communicating that properly on our guest post. Please check it out and get to know some other awesome adoptive families and organizations being highlighted on their blog this week!


  1. I found your blog way back when it was mostly DIY. Then there was a beautiful brining home baby and now you're a voice for adoptive moms! I just adore your blog! It's always exciting to see a new post! And I had to hop over to Instagram since I am apparently missing out on some fun life happenings!


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