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The Heidi Style Files: We love Chooze!

29 January 2015

As many of you know, it's been a longstanding priority to me to be able to shop for things I love and enjoy with companies that make the world a better place with values like ethical labor practices, charitable giving and environmentally conscious principles. I really thought the opportunity to shop this way would only increase with the addition of a baby to the family. After all, don't we want to take utmost care for what we purchase for our little world changers? Unfortunately, it seems as though finding socially conscious products for our kids that are also cute and affordable is way more challenging than I expected. 

The thought of a completely fair trade, organic wardrobe for Heidi went out the door about day three. Instead of letting it get me down, I've tried to remember that even the small choices I make as a consumer can set a good example and have an impact. We love to shop for recycled clothes on Instagram consignment sales like Amy's Evolving Closets, who also happens to be using her profits to bring home her son from Burundi. Since shoes for little ones can be one of the highest clothing related expenses and something that I prefer to purchase new, I'm so happy to have Chooze shoes and products as an option for Heidi. 

Chooze is a lifestyle brand for children designed to foster confidence and creative thinking with their unique designs. Instead of a perfectly matching set, each shoe in a pair complements the other, helping the little one wearing them feel unique and embrace the beauty of differences! Every detail of the design and manufacturing process, from vegan materials to the recycled "art boxes" the shoes come in, are meaningful to me. The fact that Chooze invests their profits in anti-poverty programs and the company is based in Dallas makes me even happier to be a proud supporter of the brand. 

We've started out on the Weechooze mocs for babies and love them. The elastic on the shoes helps keep them on as Heidi's foot has grown, and there's grippers on the bottom that make them safe as she gets more comfortable running (yes! - running) on our hardwood floors. They're a warm addition to chilly days but breathable fabric as we've ventured outside when it warms up! 

Heidi took modeling her consigned jean jacket and pants and her Weechooze shoes very seriously this past weekend. :o)

I'm so glad that we're already loving our Chooze products and that it's a brand we can continue to grow with as Heidi does too! The vintage, Woodstock-ish print on their 2-sided backpacks and lunchboxes is my favorite thing I've ever seen. I love the big girl shoes like their ballet flats and printed mary-janes and the slippers are such a cute Christmas or birthday idea! Boy moms, don't feel left out, some of their cutest selection is for the young lads. 

Chooze Shoes

A big thanks to Chooze for being such a great, local company and for sending Heidi a pair of Weechooze to try! We are totally in love and proud to support such a ground breaking company for our future leaders and taste makers!


  1. Darling line!!! It could have a lot to do with that little supermodel!! So darn cute! Have a wonderful weekend, Lilly!

  2. The little booties really are incredibly adorable!

  3. Thanks for the great written article.


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