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Kids at Costco! Latest Gluten Free Favorites for Big and Little People

05 February 2015

Now that we have a one year old, everyone in our house is eating "real" food, including Little Child who has become very close pals with Heidi to take care of anything falling from the high chair before I can stop her. 

Can I just say, life is so much easier now? Food is how I bond with and relate to other humans. It makes a lot of sense to me that Heidi and I enjoy each other much more now that we can share some treats together. Heidi not only eats adult foods now, she somehow also has an adult appetite. She is always hungry! It honestly takes some prep work to keep her fed as much as she prefers. 

Costco has some new products on the shelf that are not only delish, but easy for the whole family o enjoy. We're adding them to the list along with the other, newish favorites I've found here. (Sidenote: the brown bread from the previous post is now missing from the bakery. We are SO upset!)

First step of a successful Costco trip is to secure your happy helper in the cart! *See also: gratuitous Heidi pic!*

Heidi's school serves breakfast and lunch, but I am one of *those* moms who is not totally down with the menu in its entirety. They are great about letting me highlight what she can have and then pack the rest. We use an adult sized Yumbox for this and it is working well so far. These guacamole packs are my miracle workers. They are the perfect size for the yumbox and I love that you get 12 singles in a purchase - two full weeks plus some weekend snacks! Really helps me only have to run to big C every other week.

These cooked beets are good for chopping into slices and giving to Heidi as finger foods! At home only since beet juice can get a little crazy. 

costco organic

We mostly do water or almond milk in sippy cups or a bedtime bottle, and we blow through cartons of these pretty fast between Heidi and my cereal addiction. I will put a scoop of probiotics in this for a wake up or bedtime bottle and she's a happy camper.

costco vegan

Chia seeds are awesome for adults in smoothies and in cereal and yogurt! I used to puree Heidi's baby food and loved adding a big scoop of chia. Now I mix it with yogurt for her and she loves it. 

costco vegan

Markus is our personal chef - especially if it is scrambled eggs. The avocado oil makes eggs so fluffy and light! We usually scramble a few for Heidi on weekend mornings as well, and sometimes for her school lunch. 

Thankfully, Heidi is a Texas baby and likes a little heat! These green chiles are awesome on eggs, and I'll pour some over chicken breasts before baking. The jar says to put them on everything, and we take that pretty seriously. 

These are the treasure side at our house. Cooks in 20 minutes and is really fluffy and flavorful! We always have plenty plus leftovers for a big scoop in Heidi's lunch the next day. 

costco gluten free

I personally felt like it took Costco five million years to bring it on the gluten free pasta options, and now they're rolling in hot. Penne makes everyone happy at our house and is nice and grabby for Heidi hands. 

costco gluten free

I always put a few of these in Heidi's lunch to sub in during universal daycare Goldfish cracker time. I am pretty sure Heidi's nickname at school is "No Goldfish." These are pretty small and orange, so I don't feel like I'm emotionally scarring her..yet. Don't hate the player, hate the game. 

costco gluten free

Last treat is for moms (and dads) only! I love these mini tarts for nights I am on the struggle bus trying to leave dessert town. They're completely raw and vegan and a Dallas based company to boot! 

costco vegan

The bulk buying keeps getting more handy with more mouths to feed at home! Are you a lunch packer, for yourself or a little one? What are some of your favorites?

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  1. I have a bag of Chia seeds and I'm never sure what to do w/ it other than spread to on terra cotta and create a chia pet.


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