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It's Time to Tilt: Supporting Women to Support Women with a new Play by Michelle Weilert

13 March 2015

Now that Heidi is more of a [quite] small person instead of just an adorable baby blob, I see her little mind work and her humanity in everything she does. I fascinates and delights me when we're together and it makes me anxious as I can see the future happening for her: the hurts, the failures, the challenges and, there is a chance, things I would do anything to protect her from. I worry because she is a young human who must learn through hardships and mistakes, and I worry because she is a woman who could suffer at the hand of someone else making theirs.

The statistics on assault and rape in our world and in our own developed country are horrific. My high school colleague, Michelle Weilert, is working on research and writing then development of a play that helps address gender identity in women and why English women are 6 times less likely to be raped than American women but twice as likely to report it. How is this the case for a culture so similar to ours from a 5,000 foot view? Is is the way their women are brought up? If so, I need a guidebook. Is it the water? If so, I want it by the gallon.

Michelle is funding her way through the project using Tilt, a new website that helps individuals fund their projects by stating their passion and making it easy for the community to back it. No one is charged until the goal amount is raised, and it is easy to socially share what funds you are backing so the support can grow exponentially. If I couldn't love the idea any more, its founders have Dallas roots, with one of the founders' wives being from the same high school as Michelle and I.

Michelle is ready to study young women and garner better understanding of the self-esteem drop in women at age 11/12 then get to work on writing then producing what will be, with her track record, a powerful and inspiring play on women that not only inspires us personally but as a society to provide more options to our youth for safer futures.

I've proudly "titled" - it's a verb! - with this campaign, and I hope you will too! All of our hats off to Michelle!

Tilt with us here and gosh darnit, Happy Friday!

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