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Bring On the Summer and Join Me in the Fly Plus Challenge!

13 April 2015

Well folks, I can’t believe the feeling of an 80 degree day  in Dallas has already hit my face. It’s the best feeling in the world, and I’ll even keep the sentiment for the thermostat numbers that keep trucking higher over the summer months. Last summer was when we really started to get a groove as a family, even with an infant. This summer our family life is great and Heidi is a thriving and adventurous little girl. We are going to make summer a verb.

With that said, I’m already thinking bathing suits, shorts and the immediate afterthought of exercise! Last year I had a strong, confident and fun summer thanks to getting the party started with the spring FlyBarreChallenge. The FlyBarre Challenge changed my body for the summer and it changed my outlook on what I was capable of in life and how some hard work is always worth it – physically and elsewhere.

It’s that time of year again and I am feeling the buzz, but why keep things the same when it’s called a challenge? I am so excited that Flywheel has rolled out the new Fly Plus Challenge – three FlyBarre classes and three Flywheel classes a week for six weeks – to get the most enthusiastic (and possibly insane!) kids ready for summer.

It seems now that you can’t look at anything in the fitness world without seeing the world challenge, which makes sense I suppose when that is what all workouts should feel like. There’s three reasons, though, why I think the FlyBarre Challenge and it’s new siblings, the Flywheel and Fly Plus Challenges, are the most effective whether you’re completely new to exercise or ready to take your current program up a notch.


Before the FlyBarre Challenge last year, I was exercising 3-4 times a week. The challenge of four FlyBarre classes a week plus my interest in adding one cardio session on most weeks changed my body. My metabolic rate was consistently higher, my mind was fresh almost every day from a great workout and my muscles were lean.  I am a huge believer that discipline begets discipline, and it’s of little surprise to me that during last year’s FlyBarre Challenge I also decided to drop sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy from my diet for the last month. Conquering something you thought you couldn’t do is catching, and I saw the effects all over my life.

Over the course of the challenge, I got on the mat on days that before I would have told you I was too tired, sore or busy to work out. I showed myself that, on days like that, it’s still possible and worth it. I’ve stuck with exercise four to five days a week ever since, because after you’ve shown yourself you can do it, why stop? My body has continued to show the effects of long term consistency, and I am really excited to take things up a notch with a six workouts a week program in the Fly Plus Challenge.

FlyBarre Challenge before and after
I guess now is about a good time to get vulnies and show my FlyBarre Challenge before and after photos!
Hello shoulders and goodbye, thighs!

FlyBarre Challenge before and after
I really love this photo to see the difference in my postural muscles. FlyBarre is great for desk girls!
Strengthening my upper back really helped with neck and shoulder pain and makes me look taller.

Cross Training
Yes, I am a human being and if I am making the time to exercise would like my clothes to fit. I’m also a working mom and active member in the community who benefits from a strong body and mind full of energy to take on the day. I’ve learned a cross trained body is the answer for me, with strong muscle and a healthy heart and cardiovascular system so I can pick up Heidi without hurting myself, volunteer and work events at my job without fatigue or sprint through Target for the latest designer collab launch.

From being a Fly kid for the past few years, I know it is sometimes a split camp. Flywheelers would try FlyBarre but are afraid of losing time on the bike and FlyBarre babes want to add cardio but cherish their time on the mat. The Fly Plus Challenge is the perfect welcome wagon if you’ve been on one team and feel ready to see the benefits of a cross trained workout without abandoning your current program. There is a reason why Flywheel Sports houses barre and cycle classes – together these two are the one-two punch to a fully conditioned body. If you’re a wheel kid, you will love what strengthening your accessory muscles does to your power score! (I saw a huge change in my ride during the challenge last year). If you are a barre fly, adding this cardio is going to melt any layer between you and those lean muscles!


The biggest key to success at Flywheel and FlyBarre though, is the people that take on your goals with you and care about getting you there. Over the past year, I’ve done some traveling around other fitness studios in the name of changing it up. Other classes have been effective, but I’ve never forged relationships with trainers and classmates like I have at Flywheel and FlyBarre. Meanwhile, every time I’ve come back to my Flywheel studios it’s been a happy homecoming with instructors and other members excited to see me. This, to me, is what group fitness is all about. Add the teamwork approach to the other community aspects of the challenges like a kick-off party, group coach instructor, form workshops and weekly meal plans from a registered nutritionist, and its easy to see why the results come in from this program.

I know over the course of the challenge my coach and instructors will encourage me, answer my questions and even make 6:00 a.m. wake up calls. Adding more workouts to a full plate is a stretch, but many hands make light work and it doesn’t feel like a chore when you’re with some of your best friends.

The Fly kids with Heidi who was really once that small. 

Friends first, Fly kids second!

Speaking of community, who is with me?! There's a few more days to sign up if you want to try it! I love workout buddies, especially in those early morning and Noon classes, so let me know if you're going for it and we can swap numbers to keep things accountable and fun. The kickoff parties start this weekend, so get your name on the list this week to get started. You can get more information on the challenge here or email or the plano@ counterpart. YOSO(AY) - You Only Summer Once (A Year) - and I am excited to feel ready, energetic and lean at the end of this Fly Plus Challenge!


  1. WHAT THE WHAT?!?! You look amazing regardless, but I am so impressed! WAY TO GO!

  2. Long time reader, first time commenter! I'm doing the Plus challenge in NC. Would love to be a long distance work out buddy!


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