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Snap into Spring with New Snap Kitchen Menu Items

08 April 2015

January is supposed to be our big start to getting healthy, but I find it to be a losing battle. Not six weeks into the year and we're met with Valentine's candy, beers for St. Patrick's Day and Easter eggs filled with calories, stacked like hurdles in the race to swimsuit season.

Daylight Savings Time and the sun staying longer is like turning on the lights and seeing everything in full view. There's whispers of pool parties and forecasts calling for shorts weather. I start remembering the phrase that "abs are made in the kitchen" and [finally] get interested in adding some healthy eating to the routine. 

For me, it takes just a few wins to get me motivated and a few more to make a habit, which is why Snap Kitchen's quick and delicious locally prepared meals are a huge asset to me. Before I'm maybe ready to be making and planning healthy meals, I'm eating them!

Snap Kitchen's Spinach and Goat Cheese salad. I love throwing it all in a big bowl to enjoy!

There's a few other options for prepared meals in Dallas, but there are many reasons why Snap Kitchen is the only one for me, including

1. Locally sourced ingredients, from the fresh goat cheese in my beloved Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad to the lamb sourced in East Texas for one of my favorite new spring menu items, the African inspired Grass-Fed Lamb Kafta.

2. Variety! Crunchy snacks, crisp juices, fresh salads and hearty turkey meatloaf are enough options to keep me popping into Snap Kitchen for a healthy variation of whatever I'm craving. The heavy rice in sushi is replaced with quinoa in one of my favorite snacks, the Miso Salmon Maki Rolls with gluten free soy sauce. It's my favorite salty snack for workout days that's nourishing and filling instead of empty calories.

Vegan Lemongrass Tofu with the Miso Salmon Maki Rolls is a filling and healthy lunch!

3. Very gluten free friendly! As someone with an allergy to gluten, I more than understand that you do not have to eat gluten free to be healthy or vice versa. I do think it is extremely accommodating and worthwhile for a business like Snap Kitchen to offer really tasty gluten free, vegan and dairy free food options and easily label them. It makes my experience shopping in the store easy and fun every time! Even the pasta in the Housemade Italian Beef Sausage and Spirals and the insanely delectable Gluten Free Brownies (keep them in the fridge for a special warm weather treat!) are completely allergy friendly.

Prepping for a healthy spring with Snap Kitchen's local registered dietitian, Daniel Magoon.
Side note: I was wearing shorts! :o)

If you're looking to eat a little more fresh, more local and allergen and/or calorie conscious, Snap Kitchen is my favorite ways to get started without sacrificing the care and ingredients you would have at home. Try their snacks, breakfasts and lunches to stay on track for your healthy dinner at home or go all the way with their juice and 21 Day Commit programs. It seems like we went from heavy jackets to shorts in a snap, and I am trusting the professionals to get me feeling ready!

A special thanks to Snap Kitchen for inviting me to the store and offering me meals for my family and I to enjoy! I was excited to partner with a brand I already enjoy for this post and all opinions are my own. 


  1. I almost never go to Snap and now cannot wait to go soon -- thanks, Lilly!

  2. Love that place! Another reason to move back to Texas!


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