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About Pancakes & Beet Juice

My name is Lilly and I am a life-living enthusiast. I love living life - with my husband, Markus, our puppy, Little Child, our daughter, Heidi, and our friends. Pancakes and Beet Juice is where I love to write about the joy we find in the adventures of life, namely great (and gluten-free) food, our endless home dreams and projects, a quirky sense of style and my beloved city of Dallas. Our greatest adventure yet has been the beautiful journey of open adoption!

If you want some "best of" posts, please feel free to creep around our home, check out our favorite gluten-free eats or see what we love to do in Dallas. The big adrenaline rush will be around when you get to the part of welcoming our adopted daughter in the course of a day.

Our life and this blog that stems from it seems to follow a few basic truths. To best get to know me, it might be easiest to share the Pancakes & Beet Juice Manifesto:

Laughing is the best way to go through life, especially if it's at ourselves.

Adventure is at every corner, whether it's new chapters as a family, travels to new places or finding something new to do in our hometown.

Color is a game changer, from a big, splashy necklace to purple walls in a living room.

Knowing that something you love was made ethically and without harm to the environment makes it all the more lovely.

Our health is our wealth, and small steps can make a big impact. I dare you to try a glass of beet juice with your pancakes. Each one makes the other sweeter!

The more you give to the world, the more it gives back to you.

To contact me to say hi or learn more about working together on promotions or features, email me at

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